Marketing is everywhere. It’s everything from selling products to even presenting yourself during a job interview. It’s all marketing, one way or another. Most companies’ main goal out there is to make money and earn profit but that can only be done through the marketing of its services or products. It gives them the ability to create the demand on the market, then to collect profits. No company can survive without good marketing. It has the upper hand when it comes to its rise or fall.

However, the world around us is changing right before our eyes and so is the world of marketing. We are seeing a shift from traditional marketing that is best represented by billboards, TV ads and we are witnessing the upsurge of digital marketing through the ever so rising popularity of its tools such as SEO, web tracking, SMS marketing. We can attribute that to the recent technological advances for that as well as putting the consumer at the heart of its strategy which played a big role in this shift.

Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation
– Peter Drunker, a famous Austrian business guru / author

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